Applications provided by GNUnet

The GNU Name System

The GNU Name System (GNS) is a fully decentralized replacement for the Domain Name System (DNS). Instead of using a hierarchy, GNS uses a directed graph. Naming conventions are similar to DNS, but queries and replies are private even with respect to peers providing the answers. The integrity of records and privacy of look-ups are cryptographically secured.


Self-sovereign, decentralized identity provider

re:claimID is a decentralized Identity Provider (IdP) service built in top of the GNU Name System. It allows users to securely share personal information with websites using standardized protocols (OpenID Connect).


Filesharing (Alpha)

GNUnet filesharing is an application that aims to provide censorship-resistant, anonymous filesharing. The publisher is empowered to make a gradual choice between performance and anonymity.

Conversation (Pre-Alpha)

GNUnet conversation is an application that provides secure voice communication in a fully decentralized way by employing GNUnet for routing and transport.

Applications utilizing GNUnet

GNU Taler (Alpha)

GNU Taler is a new privacy-preserving electronic payment system. Payments are cryptographically secured and are confirmed within milliseconds with extremely low transaction costs.



secushare is creating a decentralized social networking application on top of GNUnet. Using overlay multicast and the extensible PSYC protocol, notifications are distributed end-to-end encrypted to authorized recipients only.



Messenger-GTK is a convergent GTK messaging application using the GNUnet Messenger service. The goal is to provide private and secure communication between any group of devices.



messenger-cli is a terminal user interface providing messaging using the GNUnet Messenger service. It is developed in C using ncurses. Messenger-GTK and messenger-cli are fully compatible.